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1. To register a student in Shining Star International School using this form, please ensure that you have all documents necessary to
complete the registration form. This will include your passport and Visa information.
2. Registering online does not guarantee your child admission or a seat.
3. This symbol * represents mandatory fields that must be completed. The form will not be submitted unless you do so.
4. All the applicants must undergo an entrance test/interview.
5. Admission is subject to the availability of seat.
6. Minimum age for KG1, on 1st April should be 3.8 years. This is a requirement from ADEC.
7. Minimum age for KG2, on 1st April should be 4.8 years. This is a requirement from ADEC.
8. Minimum age for G1, on 1st April should be 5.8 years. This is a requirement from ADEC.
9. Pickup Point and Drop Off Point will be decided by the school management.
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· 5 Passport size Photograph (Colour)
· Passport Copies of :- (Colour)
a) Student b) Father c) Mother
(First Page + Valid Visa Page + Address Page)
· Emirates ID of Student, Father & Mother (Colour copy – Both side)
· Insurance Card Copy of Student (Colour Copy)
· Birth Certificate:- (Colour Copy)
Attestation required
a) Birth Certificate issues in UAE – Only foreign affairs
b) Birth Certificate issued outside UAE- (i) Notary (ii) Home Department
(iii) Respective Embassy Abu Dhabi (iv) Foreign Affairs Abu Dhabi
· Original Transfer Certificate
a) Inside Abu Dhabi – Online Transfer
b) Outside Abu Dhabi (i) Zone of particular Emirates (ii) ADEC
c) Outside UAE- (i) District Educational Officer of the particular syllabus/Section Officer, Regional Office (ii) Respective Embassy Abu Dhabi (iii) Foreign Affairs Abu Dhabi.
· Progress Report
· A complete Health Form with copies of Immunization records
· Water & Electricity Bill